President’s Newsletter #3


Tea Tree Gully have made third place in the T/20 after a winning game against East Torrens last Tuesday.  Well done lads.  Wickets were taken by George Rhodes (4) and Adam Sommerfield (2); on the bat was Rhodes on 29 with Davey following on 21.  Further notice on the Semi Final vs West Torrens will be in next week’s Newsletter.

After a terrific Saturday (weather wise), Sunday for day two of the Senior games was disappointing. Grade 1 ended in a Draw against Port Adelaide, with TTG making 212, B Evans made 43, Rhodes, 39, Davey 37, Hutchinson 36.  In reply Port Adelaide ended up 8/195 – wickets were taken by T Evans 3, Hutchinson 2, B Evans 2.  Whilst the 2s were abandoned on Sunday (day 2), on the bat was D Holliday 93, Hardy 51, Herrmann (debut in 2s) 25 and Schwartz 21.  Abandoned also were the 3s with Port Adelaide making 130, wickets were Todd 4, Head 3, Worden 2.  4s declared on the Saturday at 8/296. Schubert on 76; Lehmann (debut in Seniors) 60, Kite 49, Harris 33, Ross 27 n/out, Piles 24.  Abandoned on the Sunday.

With regards to the Juniors – they are in the middle of a game against Glenelg, so more on them next week.  In the 16Reds TTG 9/188 – Carpenter 53, Gregoric 26, Linhart 23 and Homan 21 n/out.  16Whites will be chasing 220, Tahir 2 wickets.  14Reds made 233, Becker 54, Dnistriansky 52 n/out, Dilena 45 n/out, Morris 36, Radan 28.  14Whites will be chasing 173.  Two wickets each to Minogue & Ross.  Good luck boys in completing your games this Saturday.  

This weekend also sees the Seniors play Woodville.  There will be no game on Pertaringa as the 1st will be playing Woodville at Waikerie.  On Sunday there is a trial game for the U17s between TTG and West Torrens.

Below is a thank you from the Holliday Family with regards to the sad loss of their father/grandfather recently.

To the Board, Members and Players of the Tea Tree Gully Cricket Club, I would like to pass on my sincere thanks for the tributes and condolences over the recent passing of my Father Alan.

Although due to poor health Dad was rarely able to attend cricket at the club he was a passionate cricket follower all his life and his connection to TTG was through having a Son and 2 Grandsons who have played for the club and of course a Daughter in law as a committee and board member. I was humbled by the offer of wearing armbands in honour of Alan during the recent round of cricket against Sturt and thanks to Matt Weaver and the boys for showing their respect. It was indeed even better that we won all 4 grades on this occasion which would have made pleased him greatly.

Many thanks also to Bruce for attending his funeral on behalf of the Club and for the Flowers and support from so many club members during a difficult time. The Club has lost too many good members over recent years and we all hope this doesn’t continue and we can look forward to continued success for this great Club
Phil Holliday

There are meals on at the Club this Saturday by Craft Cooks (any dietary requirements, please speak to Kerry, she is more than happy to listen).  Please note it is a requirement that all players attend at the completion of any given Round, we would like to see as many of you as we can for the game breakdowns, supporting those that did particular well and to hear from other Grades how their games played out.  Unfortunately due to the 1s being away, & the Cricket Director with them, apologies in advance you have me (Laurey) again behind the microphone.

Can I just add one quick note, I (and others) really do enjoy the assistance within the Clubs in clearing tables and your playing areas.  This helps many people and makes the work load a little lighter when shared around.  I recall when my family first came to TTG there was a sign on the windows/walls which I always thought simple yet very good “This is a Club, not a Pub” – derive any message you like but as mentioned by all our new player life members said, it is a good Club for so many reasons. 

Enjoy this weekend at this very hectic time of the year.  See you Saturday Evening….

Laurey Cronin  (for the President)

Thoughts of the week: 
Is copper nitrate a policeman’s overtime?
A man who keeps his feet on the ground has trouble putting his pants on.