The Gully Gazette 5/12/17

TO MEMBERS, LIFE MEMBERS, PLAYERS, VOLUNTEERS                                     04.12.17

November has certainly been a mixed bag – some great events; some cricket played, some not; some milestones, some not.  This notice is just a preliminary, and I will update on some great achievements shortly at the end of the week.

But first – A terrific day was had at the Melbourne Cup function, well done Heather for another successful day and to a list of people that assist to get things underway.  As always, the Pfitnzer’s family help is tremendous – thanks Annabelle and Dion, and to Steph for helping decorate.  This year we had some Senior Players attending the bar – thank you boys.

Three days later – what was advertised as ‘On The Couch with Rodney Hogg and Peter Sleep’; maybe should have been labelled “At the Club or At the Bar”.  TTGDCC own Tom Rehn prepared and introduced Mr Hogg, who entertained all the different age groups that attended (and a great crowd too).  He was true to his form – telling us the difference between playing in his time and now.  He was certainly a fancy-free player – in today’s world I wonder if he would be selected.  Thank you Sleepy for not only your role, but for inviting Rodney to attend, it was a terrific night, and a lot of people that remember his playing days were doing a lot of nodding in agreeance.  Thanks to Ian/Heather for the preparation/advertising; Pete M & John C. for setting up the couch/stage and cooking on a hot night, Hazel for organising our plates, etc.  Thanks Tom for supporting the Club by assisting us that night – a lot of people enjoyed catching up.  For those that did not attend – you missed a truly entertaining evening.  

As per the norm – there are always a number of people that help/assist either at the weekends, training nights and events.  More than likely I have not listed some – your input is valued, and on behalf of the Club – thanks.

Attendance at the Club has been tremendous, unfortunately with some games cancelled, some early finishes, etc the last few weeks have been quite – THIS WEEKEND though, unfortunately it is another one of those mickey mouse rounds – some playing Saturday/Sunday but the majority playing Saturday only, Women playing Sunday.

ALEX’S KITCHEN is open for business this Saturday 9th – please note Saturday is Game Presentation night for ALL CLUB Players – 1s and 2s complete their day Sunday.   This is due to most Grades playing a one-day game on Saturday, but the 1s and 2s are playing a Saturday/Sunday game.  Just a reminder – if there are dietary requirements, please speak to your players rep/junior co-ordinator (Adam/Rowan) and a message will be relayed back.

This note is to Dion – I heard a rumour from our Administrator that Coke MAYBE putting out cans of Coke & Raspberry, can we claim that as our new Gullies drink ??

Watch Heather’s Notice Board for more functions:-

T/20 vs Northern Districts – TUESDAY 12TH DECEMBER – BBQ will be on

Saturday 16th DECEMBER – Christmas at the Club

T/20 vs Prospect TUESDAY 19th DECEMBER.

U12 Statewide Cup is on in December

Your intrepid reporter.

PS: We will update match results shortly

Thoughts of the week

I bought a vacuum cleaner six months ago and so far all it’s been doing is gathering dust

If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?