President’s Newsletter #4


It was terrific to see so many people at the Club Saturday Evening – it was great that no very early games, no rain, no extreme heat hindered last night – and a lot of you were there – fantastic.

The IPOD night – again, good music (well some of it ) but Cain, you are a gem – I know that this takes time in getting a variety of songs together, I was busy running around I forgot to book a tune, however some swear they saw me behind the bar bobbing to something I have never heard off. I think they had one too many to drink but everyone enjoyed themselves so THANK YOU Cain.

Heather – thank you for organising the raffle after a tiring few weeks for you, TTGDCC did/do appreciate.  A lot of you may not realise but Heather does advertise events extremely well, but for some reason there are always a few that advise they didn’t know this/didn’t know that.  If you are not linked via team app (juniors); face-book (seniors), the Events White-Board on the wall next to Bar, then please let Heather or myself (Laurey) know – next year once I hear from Heather, I will email a few that have requested information in this format. 

HUGE thanks to the Homan family for donating first prize in the raffle, a bedding package valued more than $500 – won by Cain.  To Heather (who hosted a jewellery party) donating her party plan jewellery to the raffle, a variety of people won these but I cannot tell you in case it is under your tree.   Vodka was donated by the Golden Grove Tavern, plus smaller prizes donated from a variety people.  Everything gratefully accepted.

Congratulations to Grandma & Grandad Sleep on the arrival of Poppy last Thursday.  To Alexandra – well done, make sure you let all the Grandparents and Uncle Richard take over while you can.  Enjoy your precious one…

 Ian will report on the games below but just briefly a successful round within the Juniors against Woodville on Saturday – well done; unfortunately, the Seniors did not fare as well in their games against Kensington.  Let’s have safe and relaxing holidays and re-group for 7thJanuary. 

 Thanks to the Senior Players (Rory, Cain, Ben) that stepped up and assisted Noelene and Jamie on the Barbeque at the T/20 the other week.  It is wonderful that we have some volunteers that go over and beyond assisting – people like Noelene and Aaron in preparing the meals on Junior Selection Nights, I saw the other week what they do – absolutely tremendous.  Those that assist Noelene in serving, taking payments are gratefully acknowledged also.  It does sound like that we have an endless of volunteers but truth be known, we don’t.  A lot of us do extra to cover on things that need to be done in preparation of games, carnivals, club events, etc.  Please put your hand up to your Team Manager, Coach, Director, Fund-Raiser/Event Co-ordinator.

 Take Note – Training is back to normal from Tuesday, 3rd January across all players, 16s back Wednesday due to the Monday being a Public Holiday.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, safe travels, and Happy New Year…

Peter Cronin

Thoughts of the week:
If god had wanted us to fly he would not have created airline food.
I got an odd-job man in. He was useless. Gave him a list of eight things to do and he only did numbers one, three, five and seven.